Tensions Escalating Between Uganda And Rwanda


Diplomacy between Uganda and Rwanda has been strained over the past week with officials from either side of the border having tense exchanges in the media.

Richard Sezibera, the Rwandan Foreign Affairs Minister initially accused Uganda of harboring armed groups hostile to the Rwandan government. He also went on to accuse Ugandan security forces of illegally incarcerating and torturing Rwandan nationals with no satisfactory answers when questioned on the matter.

Sam Kuteesa, the Ugandan Foreign Affairs Minister denied all allegations stating that Uganda doesn’t and can’t allow armed forces to operate within her territory and yet threatening the security of a neighbor. To the illegal incarceration accusation, he stated that Uganda as a country is open to all nationalities to visit but expects all visitors to abide by the law and if they are law abiding they have no fear.

On the back of the torture accusations, Richard Sezibera advised Rwandan nationals to avoid travel to Uganda until the issues are resolved. Sam Kuteesa hit back stating how unfortunate the current situation is with the border restrictions affecting economy, social interaction and integrity under the East African Community which all worked hard to build.

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