66 Arrested In Tororo Over Defying Presidential Directives


The Tororo Resident District Commissioner together with the Police traversed through the town to crack down on those that were found allegedly defying the presidential directives. The Police started by confirming if those that were operating were dealing in food business and following standard operating procedures.

Just within Tororo municipality, the Police arrested over 40 people that were found to have resumed their businesses. These were part of the group of the people that were found open and operating, yet they were not dealing in food items. They were taken to Tororo police station.

The operation later shifted to the rural sub-counties in West Budama, south constituency where several bars in Mulanda, Rubongi, and Pajwenda were found open with locals gathered and boozing past 8:00 pm together with local leaders, whom the police did not hesitate to arrest as well. By the end of the operation that lasted about 11 hours, Police had arrested over 66 people and taken to the Tororo central police station for further action.