FDC Katonga Faction Gears Up for Founders Meeting to Resolve Internal Differences

FDC Katonga Faction

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Katonga faction is preparing for a crucial meeting with the party’s founding members to address ongoing disputes with the main faction headquartered at Najjanankumbi. The interim president of the Katonga faction, Erias Lukwago, has stated that the meeting offers an opportunity to revisit the founding agenda of the FDC and align it with current trends to help the party regain its footing. However, some founding members have distanced themselves from the upcoming meeting.

With the meeting scheduled for Monday, October 23, 2023, the Katonga FDC leadership is confident that the event will lead to a resolution of their disputes with the mainstream Najjanankumbi faction.

When asked whether he is willing to lead his group back to Najjanankumbi if the meeting recommends such action, Lukwago responded with cautious optimism.

Notably, Beti Olive Kamya, a founding member of FDC who has since left the party and now serves in the ruling NRM, has not received any invitations to the meeting. She declined to comment on FDC developments, given her change in political allegiance over the years.

Alice Alaso, another founding member who left FDC for the opposition Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), also claims to have not received an invitation. She expressed disagreement with the idea of meeting the founding members.

It remains uncertain whether this meeting will definitively resolve the ongoing disputes. Senior citizen Dan Mulika does not expect any immediate breakthrough in the disputes.

This meeting between the Katonga faction and founding members aims to address internal differences that have persisted within the FDC, as both sides seek to realign the party’s vision and direction.