Kampala City’s Road Construction Promises Unfulfilled, Leaders Express Frustration


Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has failed to fulfill its commitment to begin the construction of 69.70 kilometers of city roads by the stipulated deadlines in February and September 2023. City political leaders express their frustration as most of the designated “bad roads” in Lots 1, 2, 3, and 4 have seen no construction work initiated, and those that have begun remain far from completion. This delay has prompted blame to be cast upon contractors who have taken on more projects than they can manage, along with accusations of intermediaries seeking excessive profits.

In December 2022, the dire condition of city roads became a focal point of digital media discussions, with the public sharing alerts about potholes and hosting exhibitions. This outcry led to a response from Kampala Capital City Authority, promising an ambitious plan to start construction on a long list of roads by February and September 2023.

Nine months later, the once-promised sounds of construction—caterpillar machinery at work, signage indicating ongoing projects—are conspicuously absent along the majority of city roads. Road construction sites remain largely unopened, causing considerable disappointment among elected leaders who face mounting pressure from their constituents.

Among the 69.70 kilometers of roads KCCA pledged to begin construction on by February and September, some of the notable routes include Wamalla Road in Lubaga, Luwafu Road in Lubaga, Sir Apollo Kagwa Road in Central Division, Queens Way in Central, Kyebando Ring Road in Kawempe, Kisasi Road in Kawempe, Ssuna 2 Road in Makindye, Kayemba Road in Makindye, and several others.

The frustrated leaders attribute the delay to contractors who have overextended themselves by taking on more projects than they can manage. Additionally, they suspect intermediaries of seeking exorbitant profits at the expense of efficient road construction.

In Central Division, only the construction of Sir Apollo Kagwa Road and sections of 6th, 7th, and 8th streets has commenced, leaving many other areas untouched. Similar scenarios play out in other divisions, where the construction is far from initiation despite KCCA’s promises.

In light of the sluggish progress, President Museveni directed the UPDF to assist in pothole filling and sectional repairs. This directive triggered mixed reactions from the public.

Nevertheless, officials on the committee for city roads and infrastructure have issued warnings, threatening to take action against non-compliant contractors.

The deplorable state of the city’s roads has significantly impacted businesses and resulted in motorists incurring substantial repair costs and losing valuable time in garages.