Uganda Wildlife Authority Enhances Surveillance in Queen Elizabeth National Park


The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is taking significant steps to bolster surveillance and security in Queen Elizabeth National Park following an unfortunate attack that occurred a week ago. In a bid to ensure the safety of tourists and protect the park’s wildlife, UWA has deployed drones equipped with Earth Ranger technology, in addition to increasing patrols along the park’s roads.

After the recent incident, Queen Elizabeth National Park has gradually returned to a state of normalcy, marked by the resumption of tourist activities, such as experiential game drives, particularly in the early morning hours, which provide visitors with a close encounter with the park’s natural wonders.

One of the key developments is the reopening of the Kasenyi-Katwe road to all visitors, granting access to the diverse and captivating attractions of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

To prevent the recurrence of unfortunate incidents, UWA has taken significant security measures, including the deployment of well-trained drone rangers to enhance park surveillance. Bashir Hangi, the spokesperson of the Uganda Wildlife Authority, confirmed this proactive approach to safety.

Ezuma Pontious, the Chief Warden of the Queen Elizabeth Conservation region, has also noted the increased patrols along major roads in Ishasha and Kasenyi-Katwe, staffed by both men and women committed to ensuring the safety of tourists. Plans are underway to make this deployment a more permanent feature of the park’s security infrastructure.

Despite initial concerns, there have been no significant tourist cancellations in the wake of the security measures, with tourist numbers remaining relatively stable in the month of October. Tourists visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park continue to express confidence in the enhanced security provided by the presence of the armed forces.

As UWA and other security agencies collaborate to strengthen security and surveillance in the park, visitors can once again enjoy the unique and breathtaking experiences that Queen Elizabeth National Park has to offer, with the assurance of safety at the heart of their adventure.