Celebrating the Busoga Royal Wedding in Jinja

William Gabula Nadiope IV

Amidst much excitement, the highly anticipated Busoga Royal Wedding is currently unfolding in Jinja. Dr. Joseph Muvawala, the Katukiro of Busoga, assures the nation that meticulous preparations have been made, with the Church of Uganda bestowing its blessing upon the ceremony. Kyabazinga William Gabula Nadiope IV is set to escort Jovia Mutesi down the aisle at Christ Cathedral Bugembe.

Busoga Kingdom has been alive with traditional dances and celebratory events as the Kyabazinga’s subjects engage in various joyous activities. The Igenge Palace witnessed the diligent efforts of Busoga Kingdom Youth Council, who ensured the entire compound was immaculate for this historic wedding.

Dr. Muvawala extends his gratitude to all contributors and urges responsible celebrations, minimizing disruptions to traffic and businesses. The Church’s blessing ensures a smooth and unhindered occurrence of the long-awaited Royal Wedding.

Jamar Basalirwa, representing security, assures that while the trans-Africa highway remains operational, certain roads around Bugembe will be temporarily closed. With over 2000 guests invited, the Kyabazinga Royal Wedding promises to be a momentous and joyous occasion for Busoga and the nation at large.