I walked about 8 kilometers to get that picture. – Francis Isano


It has been ages since the country witnessed a Royal Wedding, at least for me. Many of the royal unions are moments captured in photographs and videos that occurred years ago.  

On November 18, 2023; we were graced to witness one; the Busoga Royal Wedding; notably a historical and memorable moment for the people of Busoga and the country at large. 

Whilst the selected few with invitees made their way to Christ’s Cathedral, Bugembe, and Igenge Palace for the reception; NBS Television and Sanyuka Television treated its viewers to about 16 hours of live broadcast of the royal event with an equal yet strong measure of minute to minute updates on their digital platforms.

All who followed the Royal Wedding online surely had their timelines occasionally flashing Isano’s captivating and storytelling pictures of the event.

Isano is one of Next Media‘s goated photojournalists. It cannot be overstated that his skills have been of such a great impact, with each photo telling its unique story.

With the union of hearts between the  Kyabazinga William Nadiope IV and Inebantu Jovia Mutesi; came immense celebrations, exuding royalty and magnificence, pomp and glitz, in the colorful wedding event; Isano was on the ground to capture every moment as they unfolded. 

Among the spectacular sea of photos that were taken and shared of the Busoga Royal  Wedding, there was particularly one viral photo that moved many hearts and left many amazed.

The picture is of a gentleman who beat the security designated to protect the Kyabazinga whilst he made his way to Christ’s Cathedral from Bugabula Palace for his wedding. 

This gentleman scored himself a full square hi-five with the Kyabazinga as he was waving to his subjects from inside his car.


Isano was kind enough to share his time to narrate how he was able to get the SHOT of the day…

“When we (Media team) were leaving Bugabula Palace with the Kyabazinga and his convoy heading to Christ’s Cathedral for the wedding, the crowds comprised of subjects, well-wishers, and friends along the way were large, in excitement for the big day.”

The King whilst he was en route, pulled down his car window and waved to the throngs who were happy with him for the momentous day.

“I was in our vehicle (media van) closely following the Kyabazinga as he made his way to the Cathedral.” he narrates

“While the King was waving to his people, some tried to further make efforts to reach the King and hopefully hold his hand but definitely his security detail would not allow that.”

“I witnessed all this and I suspected that one of the subjects would dare to beat the security and hopefully by luck hold the hand of the King who was waving.”

“I also discerned that if I was to get this shot, it would not be while I was in our media van so I told the crew, I needed to get out for a bit, there is a shot I needed to get.”

“I didn’t know I would get it but I suspected it would happen, if I didn’t get it, I would feel bad.”

“So I got out to capture the moments but also be on the lookout for anyone who would dare reach the hand of the King.”

“I walked and ran in certain instances for about seven to eight kilometers to get that picture.”

“I took around 140 to 150 shutters to get the million-dollar picture I was looking for.” 

“The moment I captured that moment, I found my way back to the media can. I could finally breathe.”

It was interesting… He Laughs!

This picture made rounds and rounds on social media and garnered an army of appreciation including the GCEO Kin Kariisa, Next Media, who appreciated Isano’s work in a tweet stating that the picture was for the World Cup!


Such dedication and commitment in execution is rare, especially in today’s age where many want instant results and are not willing to put in the needed work to get the best results. Surely Next Media is indeed home to the most excellent, talented, and able team.