NUP and FDC’s Collaboration Sparks Debates


The National Unity Platform (NUP) and the Katonga Faction of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) have joined forces, defending their collaboration in the battle against the ruling NRM regime. During the launch of NUP’s new headquarters in Makerere-Kavule on November o4 2023, leaders from both parties shared a platform, rallying Ugandans to unite and resist the current regime.

They argue that their partnership is driven by a shared goal of ousting the NRM government, although some political analysts perceive it as a pragmatic alliance.

The launch of NUP’s new headquarters, seemingly a celebration for the red party, appeared to be equally significant for FDC’s Katonga branch.

In an unexpected move, leaders from the two competing parties came together on stage, making a united statement to energize their supporters against the current regime.

This isn’t the first time these two political groups have attempted to collaborate. In August 2022, opposition stalwarts Kiiza Besigye and Robert Kyagulanyi signed an agreement to work together, but the outcomes have been mixed.

Veteran journalist Timothy Kalyegira believes that the current collaboration between the two leading opposition parties represents a marriage of convenience.

This development arises at a time when FDC’s Katonga branch is in conflict with the party’s mainstream faction over allegations of the Najjanankumbi group aligning with President Museveni, while the Amuriat-led faction accuses Kizza Besigye’s faction of leaning toward NUP.

According to the veteran journalist, this partnership offers benefits to both groups.