Speaker Among Urges Commonwealth Speakers to Foster Unity and Cooperation

Different Speakers and Presiding Officers with Rt Hon Anita Among

The Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda, Anita Among, has called on speakers and presiding officers from Commonwealth countries gathered in Uganda for the 27th conference to prioritize commitments that promote unity and cooperation within the Commonwealth. During the opening of the standing committee meeting of speakers at Munyonyo Commonwealth Hotel, Speaker Among emphasized the importance of passing resolutions that contribute to a more equitable world for humanity.

With the 27th Speakers and Presiding Officers of the Commonwealth Conference set to commence, Speaker Among highlighted the significance of using the platform to address global issues and ensure fairness on the world stage. She urged conference participants to focus on resolutions that foster unity and cooperation among all Commonwealth member states.

In addition to advocating for unity, Speaker Among called for a reconsideration of the readmission of the Republic of Zimbabwe, which had been suspended from the Commonwealth in 2002. The speaker invoked Rule 21 of the standing orders to extend invitations to observers from non-Commonwealth countries in the East African Community. Other invited observers include members of the Ugandan Parliament, who will participate in the opening ceremony and dinner.

The Standing Committee, composed of 15 members, oversees the activities of the Commonwealth Speakers and Presiding Officers Conference. Chaired by the Speaker of the lower house of the jurisdiction hosting the next conference, the committee plays a crucial role in facilitating discussions and collaboration among Commonwealth nations.