Ernest Wisdom Kiyonga

News Reporter

Ernest Wisdom Kiyonga is the Deputy Head of News (Luganda) at NBS Television a company of Next Media.

Ernest Wisdom Kiyonga is the first Ugandan Journalist, and still the only one, to make it to the Mandela Washington Fellowship and is also an alumnus of the prestigious Media Lab of East and Central Africa.

His experience in the Media field is over a decade, but mostly in television journalism. He as earlier reported news for reported news for a local television and proofread editorial content for a local newspaper.


Ernest is the Deputy Head of News at Nbs Television, part of Next Media Services, a conglomerate in Uganda, where he is also the Head of Luganda content. His One-on-One Tv news interview Nbs Ku Katebe hosts the notable in various walks of life.


Ernest trains journalists and champions the involvement of ordinary people in television journalism. He is also an independent consultant on Luganda, one of the major languages spoken in Uganda.

He is committed to ensuring that community issues receive news coverage and cares about the improvement of service delivery especially to the grassroot.


Some of his best works

NBS Kukatebe – Shafiq Mwanje

NBS Kukatebe – Kafeero Omuyimbi
Ernest Wisdom Kiyonga’s news interview with Davis Kafeero whose job is to sing hymns at funerals)

Kukatebe – Kato Lubwama

NBS Kukatebe: Eddy Kenzo

NBS Kukatebe: Emboozi Y’okussimula entaana

NBS Kukatebe: Ian Kyeyune