Dalton Kaweesa: There has been a lack of cohesion in information flow and you must appreciate that as a journalist, I pick a lot of information and by the time I put it out, it’s what I've gathered.
Sabiti Joseph: The politics of Arua is hardly influenced by anyone outside the Municipality. The dynamics are very different and Kassiano Wadri had done fantastic campaign + I think the unsung hero in this campaign is Wadri. That’s the strategic mistake the advisory team made.
Dalton Kaweesa: That the new Leader Of Opposition Betty Aol Ochan is hardworking is a fact. I’ve seen her in parliament, the passion, the representation, she has debated passionately.
Gen. Kale’s situation was like when you have an expectant wife who has chances of a still or normal birth, there was a weird excitement in newsrooms about Kale’s situation. The moment you are general in the filed of journalism, you’ll never cultivate a network of people who give...
Uganda Martyrs day 20918, Rukungiri by-election, 2018/2019 budget, Government re-introduces speed governors on the roads
Land Probe tenure extended, Flying squad torture allegations
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