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Henry Kyemba: I was in the conference center when Amin confronted Janan Luwum and the 2 ministers. They were ordered out and arrested by security operatives. I was telephoned later that the 3 had died in an accident. It was unbelievable.
My parents couldn't afford the long trousers when I was joking Old Kampala SS because it was more expensive so they opted for the Short. We were only two in my class wearing the shorts
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Tumwiine: When we captured power, we were not many. We were scattered to deal with insurgency and turmoil in Uganda. When there are a lot of people in power, it causes laxity, laziness and complacency.
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She advocated for women the right to divorce impotent husbands, crusaded for castration of defilers and held her own against certain vices in her time as of Ethics and Integrity minister and beyond. The eccentric "political evangelist" Miria Matembe takes us through her personal life