We need to do a lot of marketing and promotion for the Uganda Zoo – Dr. James Musinguzi


Dr. James Musinguzi: In Genesis, we were instructed by God to look after the natural resources of this earth. Nature is very critical.

One of the mandates of UWEC is to carry out continuous nature conversation education. We need to maintain the ecosystem for life to thrive.

To delve so much into nature conservation, you need to be passionate about it. Through that, you get driven and motivated about the field.


At the Entebbe Zoo, we have animals within reach which makes it possible for us to do adequate research about them. This makes us appreciate the animals more.

Before #COVID19, tourism was the highest foreign exchange earner for the country. We are now picking up.

We are lucky that we have never gotten any bad incidents where animals attack staff or guests. We have strict standard operating procedures that must always be followed.

Many Ugandans still have the perception that the zoo is still old fashioned. The zoo has been transformed to mimic what is in the wild. A lot has changed, and we need to do a lot of marketing and promotion.

I have come to appreciate how organised, and intelligent animals are. There is a lot to learn from them. We have just completed our strategic plan, which shapes the direction of UWEC for the next five years.