11 Lady golfers from Nigeria took part in The Uganda Ladies Open 2017 . Ugandan Lady golfers returned the favor with a bigger statement in The IBB Open in Abuja from 9th to 11 february. The team of 18 will be captained by Gloria Mbaguta .
All those workers are not leaving offices, for us it is business as usual.
Girls performed better in English while the boys performed better in all other entry subjects
Mourners sealed off his grave yard and it took iron hands to to push them away.
Odong: Passes at distinction & credit level in Physics & chemistry are below 20%. Majority of the examination malpractices were reported in science subjects, biology being the most affected with 39.7%, followed by physics at 20%, Chemistry 10%, and Maths 6.7%
As UPDF, we are going to continue working with security agencies to make sure this works out well, to have a secure country.
President Museveni inspects the parade at #TareheSita celebrations in Butaleja.
President Museveni's arrival at Butaleja for #TareheSita celebrations.
East African integration at play at #TareheSita celebrations at Butaleja
State Minister for higher education: When women are adequately educated, the nation is educated, investing in girls is highly encouraged.
She curses the kilers of her son whom she says was her 'dad'
Painful scene as Moses Ssekibogo's mother and grandmother touch him for the last time. #RIPMowzeyRadio #NBSUpdates
Climate Change, Food Security and National Stability in East Africa
He calls on public not to take the law in their hands
I don't know where to start, we have lost a friend, a father and one of the best musicians. You have left a big hole and I don’t know who will fill it.
Cases of malpractice at UACE level were quite low. Results of 79 candidates from 24 centers have been withheld over malpractice. These were seeking for assistance during the examinations, among other reasons.