Bobi Wine in the ambulance after his bail was secured
Basalirwa one of the lawyers defending Bobi Wine and the rest arrested in Arua) speaks.
This has been a shame to our country right from the time these people were kidnapped and tortured. We were focusing our eyes on the leaders but two people collapsed while in court. The immediate focus should be on getting these people to regain their health and the country...
Norbert Mao: I salute the team of lawyers for putting up a strong fight and the judge for not holding onto the passports of the accused. Bail is not absolute and can be cancelled if you fail to follow the conditions, for instance, if Hon. Wadri goes to Arua...
Kasiano Wadri's tough bail condition: He is not to set foot in Arua for three months without court's permission.
The moment Hon. Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine), Hon. Kassiano Wadri and others in the 1st batch were granted bail.
As his wife(Bobi Wine) I have been given what I asked for... For our anniversary I’ll wait for my husband to come out of hospital and tell me what he wants and that's what I will do.
The former Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura has been charged under 4 counts, failure to protect military wear, arming Boda Boda 2010 (Abdullah Kitata) among others.
The moment Gen. Guti set Bobi Wine free at the court martial
What we gather is that Bobi Wine is here but we’ve been denied access
Hon. Winnie Kiiza: There’s nothing taking place at the court martial, they don’t want to tell people that Hon. Kyagulanyi is in the barracks, they’re non-committal, they don’t want us to know exactly where he is but we demand that they tell us. We were able to see some...
You beat up somebody at the point of death and then you come and say you found them with weapons! What kind of professionalism is that? Who will believe in what you say?
"EC is prepared to conduct a free and fair election in Arua, we will respect the decision of the people of Arua and declare thew person they have voted." - Justice Simon Byabakama, EC Chairman