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Former presidential aspirant Baryamureeba speaks out on Kaweesi murder.
IGP Kale Kayihura before Parliamentary Committee on Defense: Gives submission on Kaweesi murder suspects
Mourners throwing petals and soil into the grave of the late AIGP Kaweesi as a symbol of love and remembrance
Police Issues Uganda Martyrs Day Traffic Guidelines
Police on Uganda Martyrs Day Traffic Guidelines
IGP Kayihura: "We have already arrested some suspects connected to the murder of Kaweesi, we are not sleeping & situation is not out of hand."
The moment the body of late AIGP Kaweesi was airlifted to Lwengo. His children were taken in another aircraft.
Budget Speech Financial Year 2017/18
Pr. Solomon Male: The path Pr. Bugingo is taking is not different from the one Kibwetere took.
Uganda Celebrates Women's Day
Gen. Jeje Odong: I am not here to mourn for Kaweesi. I am here to celebrate the life of Kaweesi. He is not dead but merely transitioning to another world.
Bobi Wine: I do not blame Anite. Just a few shillings can make her say anything. I do not blame Hon. Rwamirama. These guys have been rich for 31 years at our cost. They think poor people are mad. Like Buju Banton said, "He who feels it knows it"
Hon. Niwagaba: Whoever wrote the novel 'Cry, the Beloved Country, he had Uganda in mind
Bobi Wine: I'm speechless. These people didn't turn up for me, they turned up for the ideas I represent
earlier addressing the press for the first time regarding the murder of Kaweesi.