Ugandan Democracy Takes Center Stage In UK


Reports coming in from the United Kingdom contain news that Ugandan democracy is a subject of debate in the House of Commons in the UK on the 9th of January 2019. The motion was tabled by Dr Paul Williams, a Member Of Parliament from the Labour Party representing Stockton South.
Dr Paul Williams is a recurring figure connected with Ugandan politics, earlier last year he was brutally honest in his perception of H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni referring to him as a barrier to development in Uganda. His perception may not change anytime soon due to the reports of  brutal arrests and alleged torture of Ugandan politicians last year by the ruling government which included Paul Mwiru, Francis Zaake, Gerald Karuhangi, Kasiano Wadri and Robert Kyagulanyi most commonly known as Bobi Wine. Bobi Wine had to travel to the United States for specialized treatment following his incarceration and alleged torture at the hands of Uganda’s security forces after a By-election in Arua turned chaotic. While receiving treatment MP Robert Kyagulanyi was very vocal about his brutal experience which put Uganda in the international limelight which eventually gained the attention of the UK parliament.
The UK not only has a political history with Uganda in terms of colonialism but has close ties presently as well in terms of business, development and security. Dr Paul Williams stated the UK government is concerned about the political situation in the country regarding human rights and democracy amid concerns from opposition leaders and hopes the debate will offer solutions.