Commotion in Parliament


The parliamentary seating that was held on Wednesday as Members of Parliament debated the ministerial statement on land information system international conference broke into a frenzy during the debate of the ministerial statement on the Land Information System International Conference.

This was caused by two men that jumped off the parliamentary visitor’s gallery into the chambers as they shouted on top of their voices accusing Members of Parliament of corruption.

The men identified as Mutasa Kafeero and Senjaka Dafara were later apprehended by the sergeant at arms and his officers after terrified MPs had fainted and others who screamed in fear as they tried to find their way out of the chambers.

Parliament, however, denied media reports that gunshots were fired in the house saying that the noises that were heard were that of a glass cover from one of the tube lightings which was hit by the stranger in the process of jumping.

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