Uganda Has No Resources To Handle Coronavirus


During the parliamentary seating chaired by Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, the Minister of Health Jane Ruth Achieng presented a ministerial statement concerning the state of Coronavirus in the country.

The Minister stated that outside China, another 525 cases have been confirmed in 24 countries as follows, 28 in Japan, 175 in Yokohama, 28 in the Republic of Korea, 16 in Vietnam and 50 in Singapore.

She noted that in spite of the epidemic spreading to over 24 countries, there have not been any cases reported in Uganda and Africa as a whole.

“Uganda has no confirmed case of the 2019 Coronavirus as of today 13th February 2019. However, the risk is still very high due to the rapid spread of the virus,” said Minister Jane Ruth Achieng.

The Minister added that for the 105 students still trapped in China, they will not be repatriated, but the government through the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to remit the funds of the students who are available online adding that the money is ready for wiring.

She mentioned that Uganda does not have the resources to handle an outbreak in terms of specialized isolation facilities with specialised equipment.

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