MPs Frustrated Over Gen Elly Tumwine Censorship


A section of legislators pushing for the censorship of Gen. Elly Twuime have expressed their frustrations after their colleagues failed to sign the motion to censure the security minister.

Gen. Eli Twinuwe has been accused of arrogance and interfering with the work of the parliamentary committee that was investigating torture in safehouses.  The MPs led by Theodre Ssekikubo said that time is not on their side yet the signatures are few from the 150 needed.

” Now opportunity arises, here is the list for you to sign, you wait but how many do you need, others can sign, no we shall come along the way,” said MP Theodre Ssekikubo.

MP Manjiya county John Baptist Nambeshe says that they are not there to intimidate colleagues to sign, they are making a call to them.