Highlights of President Museveni’s Swearing-in Speech


Speaking in front of over 12 African heads of state and other dignitaries from all over the world shortly after being inaugurated, Museveni said Uganda initiated its own democracy that he said is one of the best in the world and therefore nobody should lecture Uganda on democracy.

“I doubt there are many comparable pro-democratic structures in the world. It is therefore quite comic and laughable to hear some actors in the world giving us lectures about democracy. You give me lectures about democracy, what are your credentials?” Museveni asked.

President Museveni went on to tell the African heads of states present to protect Africa and show the world that Africa is important too. He said Africa shouldn’t be pro-West or pro-East but rather pro-Africa because that is what we are.

The President went on to conclude by telling Ugandans to get to work because elections are over.