DP Collaborating with NRM – Norbert Mao


In a meeting held in Mbale, DP president General Nobert Mao emphasized the party’s frustration with the opposition alliances, which in his view has worked against Uganda’s oldest Party.

They have targeted DP leaders and chopped them, why pretend anymore?,” Norbert Mao

Mao revealed terms under which he can reunite with the opposition.

If NUP and other parties are serious, we must come to a round table and agree on the goal. We shall next agree on which role everybody plays,” Mao

He cautioned former DP members against slander, saying he will fire back.

No mercy, I have become totally merciless for anybody who fights DP. If you are within DP and fighting DP, you are going to feel me also,” Mao

The DP party president further revealed he is tactfully engaging the ruling NRM in an effort to actualize DP’s dream of acquiring power.

You can say Museveni has bought DP, or we are good DP, but we are achieving our goal,” Mao

Mao confirmed he has secured the backing of the NRM top leadership to support DP’s general secretary Gerald Siranda for the EALA MP seat.

We have even told President Museveni that your party should support our EALA candidate Siranda, Is there anything wrong with that? Asaba aweeba. People can heckle but when you get the ball, you put it behind the net. We are also going to put this ball behind the net. When Siranda is in EALA, You will also have Omunene in Eastern Uganda,” Mao

In 2020, DP lost its finest leaders to the National Unity Platform and the party is yet to come to terms, with Mao insisting that battle has since been drawn between the opposition and DP.