The Games and Politics Exhibition will highlight the messages that are in Video Games


This #GamesAndPolitics exhibition is a traveling exhibition. It started in Germany to America, Asia, and it has been on the African continent before in Addis Ababa, South Africa, and now in Uganda.

Gaming is a medium. It’s no longer for only relaxation. There is a lot of messages passed through games. The Games and Politics Exhibition is going to be an opportunity learn how to collaborate as gamers and creatives said Danze Edwin, Curator Games and Politics.


The Video Gaming industry is very lucrative. Why aren’t we as Ugandans maximising it as an economic activity? Globally the Video gaming industry earns brand alot of Awareness and Pro-Gamers a lot of money.


What is the Messaging in Video games?

The Political and Moral question there-in is, Where does it go? It funds something.

Gaming content pushes numerous agendas through it game play mechanics and storytelling.

Some of the themes that are in gaming are around Sex, Race, War, Religion, Economics,  Gender, Inclusion and Politics (Propaganda)

The Highly competitive nature of Video games will always result into divisions, Toxicity and Reward , These are all the things that we will be addressing at the #GamesAndPolitics exhibition

People have learnt to express themselves better because of virtual interactions. People have found love through gaming.Danze Edwin

Today’s #GamesAndPolitics session is about Diversity, Safety, and Inclusion. Inclusion in gaming is very good important.

In the data collected globally, gaming is now one thing that earns a significant percentage.

Christian Kettelhut – Director Goethe Zentrum, Kampala

Christian KettelHut – Director, Goethe Zentrum, Kampala – We have panel discussions today about Diversity, Safety, and inclusion. It’s an interactive session. You can play all the games there. Attending the exhibition is free of charge.