President Museveni Addresses the Nation on Current State of Affairs


President Museveni blames the increase in prices of commodities on Corona Virus.

I came here to talk about the high cost of living. The present hike of commodities starts with two issues; Corona, which led to a decline in consumption globally. Most of the companies even became bankrupt.

President Museveni has said the solution to high fuel prices is adoption of electric cars and boda bodas

Electric vehicles and the train is the solution, but it can’t be done overnight, so for now, we have to use this bad petroleum sparingly as we wait to buy more electric cars and boda bodas.

Museveni has warned those engaging in criminal activities in his speech to the nation saying they will either lose their freedom or die.

I want to inform the criminals that it’s no longer possible to commit crime, and we don’t get you. We shall definitely get you like we got the ADF. My advice to the criminals is to stop because we shall get you.