Pamela Adongo leaves Next Media


Pamela Adongo (MBA, MCIM), our Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager of Next Com, has decided to go private.

After 6 and a half years of successfully putting NBS Television at the Top of Ugandan current affairs.


Official statement from Next Media

We look forward to our future business engagements with her as she serves us from outside under the new arrangement.

We express our gratitude to Pamela for all her efforts in building and excellently positioning all our brands as number one during her time with Next Media.

Pamela has been a key figure in our Corporate Social Initiatives in spearheading key campaigns such as ‘Tuve ku Kaveera’ and ‘Taasa Obutonde’ and made priceless contributions to various committees, including the internal one charged with the construction of the Next Media Park. We greatly value our time with her.

We are abundantly thankful for the six-and-a-half years of marketing development and success she have given us. We wish her great health, wealth and success in all her endeavours.