Busoga Kingdom’s Thrilling Rock-Climbing Challenge


In a strategic move to bolster the tourism sector, Busoga Kingdom is gearing up to host an exhilarating rock-climbing challenge at the historic Kagulu cultural site.

Scheduled for the 26th of August, this event promises to be a significant leap forward in promoting both cultural heritage and tourism in the region. Leading the charge is the Kyabazinga William Gabula Nadiope IV, who will be assuming the role of Chief Climber for the occasion.

Perched at an impressive altitude of 3600 feet above sea level, the Kagulu Rock stands tall as one of the most iconic and historically significant cultural sites within the Busoga Kingdom. Nestled gracefully in Buyende district, this monumental rock holds the distinction of being the very spot where the legendary Busoga ancestor, Mukama Namutukula, and his wife Nawudo, are said to have found their abode after crossing over from the Bunyoro Kingdom.

This year’s undertaking carries an added layer of excitement due to recent developments initiated by the government at the Kagulu Rock site. A slew of enhancements has been carefully executed to elevate the location into a truly iconic tourism hub.