Police Launch Stringent Crackdown on Drunk Driving


In a resolute bid to curb the peril of drunk driving on the roads, the Uganda Police Force has announced a sweeping campaign with a particular focus on Boda Boda cyclists who have been increasingly implicated in incidents of drunk riding. The intensified operations commenced in the Kampala Metropolitan Area and are poised to extend to major highways across the nation, both day and night.

As elucidated by Patrick Onyango, the Police spokesperson for the Kampala Metropolitan area, the initial operation was merely a precursor to the forthcoming large-scale endeavours. The intention is to direct comprehensive and rigorous operations targeting all motorists, including the Boda Boda cyclists.


Urgent appeals have been made to drivers to drive clear of alcohol, with the authorities underlining that this not only safeguards the lives of the drivers but also contributes to the overall road safety ecosystem.


Patrick Onyango says that those taken into custody during these operations will be detained until the following day when they will face an express penalty ticket amounting to UGX 200,000 before their impounded vehicles are released.