President Museveni to Uganda’s Youth: Disciplined Ideology, Knowledge, and Productivity.



President Yoweri Museveni, during the International Youth Day celebrations held in Kabale district on August 18, 2023, imparted valuable wisdom to Uganda’s youth. In his address, the President emphasized the importance of embracing the right ideology and discipline while cautioning against sectarianism, religious biases, tribalism, and working for foreign interests.

The core message from President Museveni was a stark warning about the perils of adopting a wrong ideology, particularly that of sectarianism. He highlighted the potential consequences, stating that millions of Ugandan youth could face a bleak future if they succumb to this divisive ideology.

President Museveni drew a powerful example from Tanzania’s stability, attributing it to the country’s former leader, Mwalimu Nyerere, who championed the ideology of Uzalendo, or National Patriotism. This ideology helped foster unity and stability within Tanzania.

The President also advised the youth to practice discipline, urging them to resist the temptations that often accompany youth. He emphasized that yielding to these temptations would hinder their personal growth and development.

Furthermore, President Museveni stressed the importance of education and acquiring knowledge and skills. He encouraged the youth to concentrate on their studies, believing that knowledge and qualifications are vital for their success.

In summary, President Museveni emphasized three key pillars for the youth: discipline, knowledge or skills acquisition, and the right ideology. He assured them that these elements would lead them to a prosperous future.

Additionally, the President encouraged the youth to engage in the knowledge economy, highlighting its potential to drive Uganda’s economic growth. He shared promising developments in scientific research and innovation within the country, including discoveries like a tick vaccine and advancements in electric vehicle technology.

President Museveni acknowledged the vital role of young scientists and innovators and assured them of government support. He recognized their contributions to sectors like electric vehicles and pathogenic economies, indicating government funding to support these initiatives.