UG Economic Forum – Day Three


Players in the tourism sector have called for more investment in the quality of services in the tourism sector if Uganda is to achieve its post-Covid target of $5.2 billion in earnings from the sector by 2028. This was one of the recommendations from the discussions on the third day of the UG Economic Forum.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Uganda’s tourism sector was one of the hardest hit registering losses of over UGX 3.9 trillion. The government says it will continue to invest heavily in promoting inbound tourism and research to aid the recovery of the industry. The Uganda Revenue Authority also put in place several incentives for investors in the sector aimed at getting the industry back on its feet.

However, private sector players have highlighted the need to invest in skills development if the country is to its $5.2 billion target by 2028.

Day four of the UG Economic Forum will focus on IT, innovation and creative art in driving economic development.