UPC’s Leadership Succession Dilemma


Political wisdom demonstrates that the ability of a political party to survive is based on its capacity to sustain and produce high-quality leaders over time. However, the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) faces challenges in this aspect. One can hardly name the top 10 leaders in UPC who can steer the party to greater heights. As questions about the party’s succession strategy, critics suggest it was abandoned after the passing of UPC’s founding figure, Apollo Milton Obote.

Throughout its history, the Uganda People’s Congress has been recognized for its role in nurturing emerging politicians. These individuals, mentored by the party’s founder and two-time former president of Uganda, Dr. Apollo Milton Obote, ascended the ranks, contributing to a robust reservoir of leaders.

Those fortunate enough to receive guidance from Dr. Obote emphasize his faith in the capabilities of young individuals. This approach, they contend, was pivotal not only in shaping Uganda’s trajectory but also in securing the future of the Uganda People’s Congress.

The Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) is grappling with challenges related to an ageing membership and leadership succession. The critical question is whether the UPC can unite and reconcile to restore its previous stature and glory.