Back-to-School Season Brings Low Sales for Traders in Kampala


As students return to school for the third term, traders in various parts of Kampala are reporting a significant drop in sales. They attribute this decline to the rising cost of living and high school fees, which have forced parents to cut back on their spending.

While many had expected the back-to-school season to boost traders’ sales, the reality has been quite different. In downtown Kampala, where parents typically engage in shopping sprees for school supplies, traders have been disappointed by a lackluster turnout of customers.

Brian Mugerwa, a trader operating in downtown Kampala, revealed that only a small percentage of clients have shown up to purchase scholastic materials, despite it being the back-to-school season.

Namugera, another trader, pointed out that price changes for some imported school supplies may have discouraged customers from making purchases.

Some parents are indicating that, due to financial constraints, they had to prioritize spending on school materials amidst a shortage of funds. The price hikes for these materials have exacerbated the situation.

It’s not entirely clear whether some parents opted to make their purchases during the holidays to avoid last-minute rushes. However, while traders are grappling with reduced sales, some students may face weeks of being unable to attend school as their parents struggle to raise school fees. In certain schools, learners still have outstanding fees balances from the second term.

The combination of rising living costs, increased school fees, and financial constraints is making the back-to-school season a challenging period for both traders and parents in Kampala.