Uganda Torture Survivors Seek Parliament’s Intervention


The Uganda Torture Survivors movement, representing a group of torture survivors, on September 15, 2023, submitted a petition to the Leader of the Opposition’s office in Parliament, urging Parliament’s intervention in cases of alleged ongoing torture in certain police cells.

According to the survivors, some of their colleagues have been left disabled due to torture inflicted by security personnel while in detention. The survivors include youth who were recently involved in protests against ministers accused of misappropriating iron sheets intended for vulnerable individuals in Karamoja.

They recounted their experiences of daily beatings while in police detention, where they identified themselves as National Unity Platform supporters. One petitioner claimed to have lost a leg after being struck by a police pickup during the 2021 general elections.

The survivors also mentioned facing discrimination, not only from the public but also from some family members. They reported difficulties in registering their association with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau, as required by law, and receiving support from the Uganda Human Rights Commission.

The Opposition Chief Whip received the petition on behalf of the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament. In response, all National Unity Platform legislators who are lawyers have been instructed to provide pro-bono legal services to torture victims across the country.