FDC Divisions Deepen as Leaders Trade Accusations

President Patrick Amuriat Oboi.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) finds itself at a crossroads as internal divisions intensify, casting doubts on the party’s ability to reunify and regain its strength in the future.

The recent Extraordinary Delegates Conference organized by FDC National Chairman Wasswa Birigwa has further exacerbated these divisions. The conference resulted in the suspension of key party leaders, including FDC President Patrick Amuriat Oboi.

Amuriat expressed his disappointment in Dr. Kizza Besigye, the party’s Founding President, accusing him of betrayal for allegedly masterminding a coup that led to the suspension of top leadership members. This rift between the party’s leaders threatens to undermine its unity and effectiveness.

Analyst Wandera Ogalo suggests that both factions within the FDC should share the responsibility for the ongoing divisions. The discord has reached a point where members from the opposing faction have reportedly picked nomination forms, raising questions about whether they will be allowed to contest.

The failure to reconcile and rebuild the party’s strength in the wake of these internal disputes poses a significant challenge for the FDC, and Ogalo believes that a crucial opportunity for reconciliation was missed during this latest gathering. The party’s future direction and prospects remain uncertain as it grapples with these internal conflicts.