Nagirinya Murder Case Nearing Verdict as Key Suspect Remains in Spotlight



The long-awaited verdict in the chilling 2019 murder case of Maria Nagirinya and her driver Ronald Kitayimbwa draws near. Assessors in the case continue to point the finger at the key suspect, Kopriam Kasolo, also known as “Arsenal,” as the alleged mastermind behind the gruesome crime. After months of hearings, testimonies, and legal arguments, the court has set October 19, 2023, as the date for the final judgment.

The case has gripped the nation since 2019, leaving Maria Nagirinya’s family and friends eager for justice to be served. The assessors’ submissions shed light on the alleged details of the murder, highlighting the use of phones, motorcycles, a car, and other tools that Kasolo purportedly employed in the kidnap, murder, and robbery. State witnesses have corroborated these claims, urging the court to consider them as sources of conviction beyond a reasonable doubt.

As the case enters its final phase, the presiding judge, Isaac Muwata, has scheduled the judgment day for October 19, 2023. The decision will not only provide closure to Nagirinya’s grieving loved ones but also determine the fate of the accused and the pursuit of justice.