Common Mistakes in Social Media Management for Brands

Social Media Platforms

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses have been made to shift online, opening up new opportunities in roles such as social media managers, influencers, and digital executives.

While experience is valuable, even seasoned professionals are bound to stumble into critical blunders when managing online pages for brands. A number have had a fair share of mistakes. Here are significant stumbling blocks to keep out an eye for:

Platform Precision: It is prudent that you confirm that each post lands on the correct brand page, even if you’re experienced. Posting on the wrong platform can be especially troublesome more so in instances where edits are limited.

Accuracy: We are not trying to overly achieve perfectionism here, but just doing our due diligence. Double-check all details from official hashtags to event themes, locations, names, and titles. Some errors made on platforms can distort analytics, damage brand reputation, and in extreme cases even end up in legal action. Again, check those names and titles.

Content Upload: Amid a cluttered gallery, you might want to carefully review batch uploads. Accidental inclusion of inappropriate content or unrelated could be very detrimental to brand images and even worse, suggest false narratives that could take a while to dissolve.

AI’s Limits: While AI tools are powerful, human intellect remains crucial. AI in certain instances might execute commands imprecisely or misinterpret meaning, leading to ‘incorrect’ results. Allow your human intellect to give a second look at those results before you ship them off for posting on the brand pages.

Communication guidelines: While posting on brand pages, it is very important to know the identity and language of the brand. Some brand identities could allow for the use of slang, jargon, and different dialects, and others might not.

Overlooking this can lead to sharing content that might be offensive or misaligned with the brand’s rules and communication strategy. You do not want to have a crisis management meeting on how to explain, why you posted what you posted in the tone and language you did with your name on it.

Partner awareness: It is crucial to have a solid grasp of your business partners, their activities, and what could potentially make them look bad; when posting on social media. ‘Accidentally’ sharing content directly or by a third party that could be perceived as damaging to your partners or sponsors can potentially put your partnership in a very tricky place and risk the lifeline of the merger.

Safeguarding your online brand’s thriving presence is crucial, as your online reputation holds lasting significance. These mistakes are not limited to social media platforms but can occur even on other digital platforms. The principles remain the same. Certain mistakes can mean to leave a mark as the adage holds; the Internet never forgets.