FDC Katonga Faction Demands Habeas Corpus in Response to Alleged Disappearances

Erias Lukwago

The FDC Katonga faction has taken a significant step by demanding a Habeas Corpus order from the judiciary in light of the alleged mysterious disappearances of certain individuals, as claimed by opposition politicians in Parliament. In an address by their interim president, Erias Lukwago, the party calls upon the judiciary and the Uganda Human Rights Commission to provide answers to the multitude of questions raised regarding these alleged kidnappings and illegal detentions carried out by security personnel.

The FDC Katonga faction has raised serious concerns about the state of human rights in the country and is seeking resolution and accountability.

Erias Lukwago, interim President of the party, asserts the need for the judiciary to issue a Habeas Corpus order to security agencies to determine the whereabouts of opposition leaders and activists whose names are currently circulating amid allegations of mysterious disappearances.

Lukwago further emphasizes that the history of human rights violations against the opposition, especially within the FDC, is not surprising to them, yet they refuse to stand idly by.

The FDC Katonga faction accuses the Chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission of aligning with the government and urges her to adhere to her constitutional mandate or vacate her office.

In response to these allegations, Lukwago states that they are taking action and will petition international courts outside Uganda to seek justice and accountability.

The spokesperson for the Judiciary emphasizes the importance of using lawful means and channels to address these concerns.

The allegations of human rights violations and mysterious disappearances have placed the Uganda Human Rights Commission under intense scrutiny. This matter has also ignited heated debates and disputes in Parliament, leading opposition legislators to stage walkouts on several occasions in protest of the alleged violations.