Tragedy Strikes as Fire at Kasaana Primary School Claims Lives of Four Students


A heart-wrenching tragedy unfolded at Kasaana Junior Primary School in Masaka, where a fire swept through the dormitory housing Top and P.1 boys. This devastating incident led to the loss of four young lives. The fire, believed to have been caused by an electrical fault, ignited at approximately 11 a.m. on October 30 2923.

As of now, nine other students and their matron remain in critical condition at Masaka General Hospital, where a dedicated team of medical professionals, including those from the Red Cross and Uganda Police, has been tirelessly working to save these young lives.

The emergency department of the hospital has been inaccessible to non-staff for more than ten hours, while outside, parents and relatives of the victims have congregated. They express their frustrations regarding the management of the situation during this trying time.

In light of the deteriorating condition of the victims, medical professionals made the critical decision to transfer them to Kiruddu Hospital in Kampala for specialized treatment. While Masaka Regional Referral Hospital boasts specialists capable of handling burn cases, the absence of a fully functional burns unit at the facility has limited their ability to provide comprehensive care, tragically resulting in a significant loss of life.

Charles Tumusiime, Hospital Administrator at MRR, revealed that despite the presence of two ambulances in the hospital’s parking yard, neither was available to transport the victims to Kiruddu Hospital, where urgent specialized care was required. Authorities are conducting a thorough investigation into the incident to understand its root causes, while the community grapples with shock and grief in the wake of this devastating fire.