President Museveni Strongly Condemns Terrorist Attack on Tourists


President Yoweri Museveni has expressed his outrage and condemnation of the cowardly act by terrorists that resulted in the tragic murder of a newlywed couple visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park. In a statement, the President voiced his deep regret over the senseless killing of innocent British nationals who fell victim to suspected ADF rebels.

The newlywed couple and their driver were brutally killed on the Katwe-Kabatooro murram road within Queen Elizabeth National Park. President Museveni emphasized that while the lives of the deceased cannot be restored, the terrorists responsible will face the consequences.

He revealed that Uganda’s High Commission in the UK will reach out to the victims’ families to offer necessary support during this tragic situation. The President called upon the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), the Police, Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), and Intelligence agencies to ensure such mistakes do not recur and to continue their efforts to eliminate the ADF.

He pinpointed gaps in the security arrangements, particularly the practice of guarding tourists individually once they are within the park, a vulnerability that the terrorists exploited. The President also discussed more reliable methods for tracking the fugitive groups from Congo with the Army.