Unprecedented In-Fighting in Uganda’s Cabinet Sparks Calls for Reshuffle




The current Ugandan cabinet, affectionately referred to as the “cabinet of fishermen,” has been marred by internal discord and infighting, prompting analysts to urge President Museveni to instigate a reshuffle to resolve the simmering tensions.

The sudden surge in conflicts within the cabinet has left many wondering why this strife is emerging now, especially with a cabinet primarily composed of individuals from fishing backgrounds.

Since their energetic inauguration, the cabinet has been plagued by internal disputes, with the Prime Minister, Vice President, senior ministers, and other top officials embroiled in conflicts. Observers have questioned whether these disagreements stem from differences in work styles, trivial disputes, or struggles for power.

Captain Francis Babu, a former minister in the Museveni government, commented on the ongoing turmoil, raising concerns about its impact on service delivery and suggesting that the President may have inadvertently chosen intermediaries instead of actual fishermen for his cabinet.

While some attribute the conflicts to overlapping roles, a complex of superiority, and emotional outbursts, the consistent loss of focus due to infighting remains a pressing concern. There are suspicions that certain individuals may be fanning the flames of these internal battles.

In light of these developments, experts advocate for a reshuffle to restore order and efficiency within the government. They argue that reducing the number of ministers could mitigate these conflicts and lead to better governance.

The ongoing disputes have raised questions about whether ministers were adequately oriented to their roles or if their responsibilities are too vague, resulting in frequent clashes.

As the situation within the cabinet escalates, there is growing pressure on President Museveni to take action and address the root causes of these conflicts to ensure that the government can effectively serve the people of Uganda.