Dr. Jane Mulemwa: "We can't pay as much as the oil companies do. We are just starting from scratch. We will rely of patriotism" "We are going to the recruitment phase. We're making sure that we recruit the right people on board. Otherwise we are doomed"
There is no connection between MTN yellow and NRM yellow
You never choose to be a liberation fighter, but you become a product of social conditions and conditions obtainable in South Africa were conditions of many years of repression.
" It was a hard decision for me to take the role of chairing the national oil board." Africa is home to 65% HIV infections. This means the world manufacture medicine & we manufacture diseases.
She talks about land issues in the country, age limit and why she joined NRM
What is happening(misunderstanding between Mao and Nambooze) has happened before, the state is a powerful body everywhere in the world. They are turning the DP into a subsidiary of NRM. The state which is NRM has been disorganizing parties that challenge its power.
Director of Public Prosecutions Judge Mike Chibita talks to us about the law.
Abdul Katuntu: "Defiance works well in urban areas, we can't recruit people from the village."
"What difference does Bobi Wine have from me? Defiance doesn't manifest itself in one form," Erias Lukwago.
By the time you see bad service anywhere, just know the problem is everywhere else because the fish rots from the head.
“In economics, it’s not the nominal salary you get that matters. It’s the nominal divide by prices. So if prices are going up & nominal is not increasing, your actual money in terms of what you need to survive is going down” - Dr Fred Muhumuza, Economist
Chief Justice Bart Katureebe talks to Oscar Semweya-Musoke on the status of the Judiciary in Uganda
"Parliament is becoming almost meaningless. The bar of leadership is being lowered so low, anybody who is well balanced will not run for parliament."