When feminism came to Africa a lot of attention was not on equality but on understanding cultural practices that were repugnant to the development of women. Some practices in Africa have actually been progressive.
Chief Justice Bart Katureebe talks to Oscar Semweya-Musoke on the status of the Judiciary in Uganda
"M7 is repeating a marxist ideology where he thinks people can work without being paid. This is wrong & that ideology will fail"
There is a tendency to seek militarism which is a desire of government to use military aggressively to defend interests
Gen. Wamala on deployment UPDF soldiers in Somalia: Our persistence and presence in Somalia has turned things around.
Francis Babu: The problem with Uganda is we have fantastic plans but unfortunately we have an implementation problem Babu to Pres. Museveni: Stop preserving yourself, being nice to all of us, gutter politics of divide and rule must stop
“In economics, it’s not the nominal salary you get that matters. It’s the nominal divide by prices. So if prices are going up & nominal is not increasing, your actual money in terms of what you need to survive is going down” - Dr Fred Muhumuza, Economist
By the time you see bad service anywhere, just know the problem is everywhere else because the fish rots from the head.
"Parliament is becoming almost meaningless. The bar of leadership is being lowered so low, anybody who is well balanced will not run for parliament."
First Lady Janet Museveni Has Been Conquered by Stella Nyanzi - Matembe
What is happening(misunderstanding between Mao and Nambooze) has happened before, the state is a powerful body everywhere in the world. They are turning the DP into a subsidiary of NRM. The state which is NRM has been disorganizing parties that challenge its power.
There is no connection between MTN yellow and NRM yellow
What was KCCA's argument? "They had a feeling that whoever worked with KCCA back then wasn't fit 2 work with the new body"