Life is tough. If you are going to wait until you finish school to start work, then you will start at the bottom.
A controversial politician from Northern Uganda who has not worked anywhere apart from parliament. He became MP at 23 years on graduating with a bachelors degree in Political Science. Otto is a blunt politician who is not afraid to shoot down verbally President Museveni, Amama
First Lady Janet Museveni Has Been Conquered by Stella Nyanzi - Matembe
Chief Justice Bart Katureebe talks to Oscar Semweya-Musoke on the status of the Judiciary in Uganda
Journalist and Filmmaker, Bart Kakooza speaks out
Abdul Katuntu: "Defiance works well in urban areas, we can't recruit people from the village."
Francis Babu: The problem with Uganda is we have fantastic plans but unfortunately we have an implementation problem Babu to Pres. Museveni: Stop preserving yourself, being nice to all of us, gutter politics of divide and rule must stop
What i did for Mbarara Municipality speaks for itself, the projects that came to Mbarara during my time are there, i don't need to talk about them.
There is a tendency to seek militarism which is a desire of government to use military aggressively to defend interests
"M7 is repeating a marxist ideology where he thinks people can work without being paid. This is wrong & that ideology will fail"
Richard Byarugaba : There are more bank accounts than mobile accounts and this is a good trend for the future.
Gen. Wamala on deployment UPDF soldiers in Somalia: Our persistence and presence in Somalia has turned things around.
Renowned educationist and performing artiste Fagil Mandy tels his life story on #NBSFaceOff
Face Off with Banyenzaki, Former MP & Minister, Business man & Director Operation wealth Creation
By the time you see bad service anywhere, just know the problem is everywhere else because the fish rots from the head.