Residents Use ARVs To Fatten Pigs


In parts of Eastern Uganda, pig farmers have resorted to giving pigs ARVs as a way of boosting their size. This was revealed by authorities during a stakeholder meeting organized by National Drug Authority (NDA) in Kayunga District.

According to the NDA regional manager, Lukwago Muhammed, they have on several occasions received information on the misuse of ARVs but they are limited in number to curtail this vice in the southeastern part of the country.

Lukwago noted that as an organization, they have embarked on a sensitization drive aimed at equipping the veterinary doctors with Knowledge on the health hazards that can arise when consumers eat pork of pigs that were given ARVs. He believes the veterinary doctors will trickle down this information to the pig farmers.


The RDC of Kayunga called upon the government to introduce a unit that will monitor veterinary services in the country.