Locals In Mbarara Call For Cheaper Life Jackets


Locals in Mbarara are requesting for cheaper priced life jackets while conducting water related businesses. This request comes in the wake of the activities that the Marine police on L. Edward have been conducted which includes burning old and substandard life jackets that are in circulation. This according to the Marine police was aimed to encourage fishermen to purchase more quality life jackets in order to reduce water related incidents.

According to reports, good quality life jackets cost as much as Sh80,000 and could go as low as sh50,000 but with reduced quality. Locals claim the purchase of the good quality life jackets puts a dent in their profits leading them to seek the cheaper ones of lower quality and with fishermen electing not to use any claiming they can swim.

Due to the financial complications, the locals have called onto government to subsidize the life jackets to make them more accessible to water based entrepreneurs otherwise risk more accidents


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