Uganda’s Night Life Returns


Ugandans are eager to hit the clubs once again following the closure of the night economy when President Museveni locked the country with no hope of busy nightlife returning as the president insisted,

Drunkards are a danger to themselves and others, they cannot follow SOPs.”

President Museveni however warns that as the economy fully opens, once the ICU have 50% occupation of #COVID19 patients, we will return to lockdown, therefore SOPs must be followed.


Curfew still remains on boda boda, therefore people who intend to go out are reminded to plan their means of transport.

The restriction on boda bodas is still on. We shall be enforcing at 7:00 pm. Ensure you have means if you are going to a club. To boda bodas and those who use them, you are reminded that the curfew on boda boda is still on,” Fred Enanga, Uganda Police Spokesperson.