NUP Demands Their MPs to Take Back UGX. 40 Million Cash Bonanza


The rumour of  MPs receiving 40 million shillings to cushion them from the hard economic times has been swirling, The NUP has confirmed it that it has asked its members who received the cash to return it. This cash bonanza, will cost the tax payers 22 billion shillings if not reversed.

We agreed that this money is wrong money, dirty money, Satan money, and should be returned within 48 hours,” Deputy Spokesperson NUP Waiswa Mufumbiro.

We are supervising this to ensure that all those that received the money return it because it is wrong,” NUP Spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi.

FDC Spokespersons Ibrahim Semujju Nganda has maintained that their MPs have not received this money. 

I don’t know who is giving the money and for what reasons. The FDC cannot convene a meeting to discuss something they are not aware of,” Nganda.