ADF Rebels Attack Eastern DRC


Ten people are suspected to have been killed in an attack by the ADF in Domene, a small village in Kasindi Eastern DRC located about a kilometer from the Uganda border.

The attack forced several Congolese nationals to cross into Uganda. The Allied Democratic Forces rebels continue to wreak havoc on the people of the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

According to the Mayor Mpondwe lhubiriha town council, Mapoze Sylvester, those who fled their homes to Uganda were 133 Congolese and one Ugandan who had gone farming. These are all camped at Kabughiri Catholic Church.

The Deputy Resident District Commissioner in charge of Bukonzo County, Lt. Maate Magwara, has urged Ugandans at the Mpondwe border to remain calm as security continues to monitor the situation at the border.