FDC Kampala Office Clash: Leadership Dispute Sparks Turmoil


Drama unfolded at FDC’s Kampala Office at City House when a group of young people claiming to be supporters of party Secretary-General Nandala Mafabi entered the premises.

These accused the previous occupants of turning the office into a place of disrespect towards party leaders.

These newcomers, who introduced themselves as new electors for FDC positions in Kampala, declared that they were taking charge and planning to collaborate with the existing team. Immaculate Kemigisha, FDC’s women leader in Kampala, revealed that the ousted team had refused to participate in the elections and were now attempting to unlawfully retain their positions.

The angered group tore down posters of FDC candidates, including those of Erias Lukwago, Salaamu Musumba, and Harold Kaija, sparking further tension.

This incident occurred amid a backdrop of controversy surrounding the party’s new leadership elections, with conflicting statements from the party headquarters adding to the uncertainty.