NSSF’s New MD Patrick Ayota Unveils Ten-Year Strategic Plan


Patrick Ayota, the recently appointed Managing Director of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), is stepping into his role with an ambitious vision. He aims to elevate the fund’s worth to approximately UGX 50 trillion, a substantial increase from its current value. However, economists are cautioning that achieving this formidable goal will necessitate a dual-pronged approach: strategic investment and a streamlined operational structure.

According to the labour union leadership, Ayota’s commitment to upholding the law and promoting transparency will play a pivotal role in rebuilding public confidence in the Fund.

Appointed by Gender Minister Beti Amongi, Patrick Ayota is embarking on an ambitious plan to boost the Fund’s enrollment figures by 40%. If successful, this expansion could propel the fund’s savings from its current value of UGX 18.4 trillion to an astounding UGX 50 trillion within ten years.