Call for Transparent Beneficiary Selection at Lango’s Presidential Industrial Hub

Lango Presidential Industrial Hub

Leaders in the Lango Sub-region have raised concerns about the process of identifying beneficiaries for the life skill training programs offered at the Presidential Industrial Hub. They are calling for a more transparent and equitable selection process, citing allegations of interference and influence in the current system.

One particular concern highlighted is the recruitment of beneficiaries from a single Sub-county in Dokolo District, which has raised questions about the fairness and inclusivity of the selection process. This has prompted leaders to advocate for a more streamlined and unbiased method of identifying deserving candidates.

The Acting Manager for the Zonal Hub, Vicky Abura, has acknowledged these concerns and assured that measures are being put in place to improve the beneficiary identification process. The goal is to ensure that those in genuine need of life skill training opportunities are given a fair chance to benefit from the Presidential Industrial Hub’s programs.

This call for transparency and fairness reflects the community’s commitment to creating equal opportunities for all residents of the Lango Sub-region to access valuable training and skill development resources.