FDC Leadership Conflict: Concerns Over Funding and Constitution


Founding members of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) have expressed growing concerns over what they perceive as a power struggle within the party’s leadership. They accuse the party executive of infringing upon the constitutional powers of the party chairman, leading to a funding dispute for the upcoming extraordinary delegates conference. This situation has raised questions about the party’s unity and future.

Some prominent FDC members, including Lawyer Wandera Ogalo, one of the architects of the FDC constitution, have raised alarm bells about the power dynamics within the party. They claim that the FDC executive, headed by party president Patrick Amuriat Oboi, is overstepping its authority by attempting to control the proceedings of the party against the stipulations outlined in the party’s constitution.

Article 23 (5) of the FDC’s constitution is at the center of this controversy. It grants the party chairman the authority to convene an extraordinary delegates conference under specific circumstances. These include receiving petitions from district executive committees, delegates from at least 50% of all districts in the country, or at the request of the national executive committee.

FDC Chairman Waswa Birigwa has consistently referred to Article 23 (5) to justify his call for an extraordinary delegates conference, scheduled for September 19th. However, a critical point of contention has arisen regarding the allocation of funds to support this conference. The denial of funds for Chairman Birigwa’s conference is seen by some as an attempt to undermine his authority, effectively staging a coup within the party.

Wandera Ogalo, who played a key role in drafting the FDC constitution, has expressed disappointment over what he sees as a deviation from the party’s foundational principles. He has called upon the FDC executive to adhere to the constitution and allocate the necessary funds for Chairman Birigwa’s delegates conference. Failure to do so, he warns, could plunge the party into a period of instability and uncertainty.

Despite the financial constraints, FDC Chairman Waswa Birigwa remains committed to guiding the country on how the extraordinary delegates conference will proceed. His determination to follow through with the conference indicates the importance of resolving internal party conflicts and maintaining unity within the FDC.

The internal struggles within the FDC are being closely watched, as they have the potential to impact Uganda’s political landscape. Finding a resolution to the leadership dispute and ensuring adherence to the party’s constitution will be crucial for the FDC’s future success and credibility.