Kaliisizo VHTs Frustrated Over Delayed and Insufficient Payments


Village Health Teams (VHTs) serving in Kaliisizo Town Council, Kyotera district, have expressed their dissatisfaction with the government’s handling of funds. These dedicated healthcare workers claim that their payments are both insufficient and delayed, despite their unwavering commitment to delivering essential services to the people of Uganda.

The VHTs, shared their concerns with Dr. Richard Kabanda, the Health Supervisor and Communications Officer at the Ministry of Health during a recent visit to Kaliisizo Hospital. They emphasized that their current compensation stands at a mere UGX 30,000 every quarter, a sum they find inadequate considering the extensive efforts they invest in their roles.

In light of their dedication and the critical role they play in the community’s well-being, the VHTs are calling on the government to reconsider their compensation. They are urging authorities to place them on the payroll, as they believe this would better reflect the significant contributions they make to healthcare in Uganda.